Call for Nominations: IEEE Kerala Section Awards 2017

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We are coming to the end of the year and it is time for the Annual IEEE Awards. We request you to help us in recognizing the best volunteers in IEEE Kerala Section for the year 2017. If you know someone who has been a great volunteer this year, through leadership in activities, bringing in innovative projects/programmes, encouraging and promoting IEEE or in any way promoting the objectives of IEEE and/or the Section, kindly consider nominating them for the following awards.

Some points to be kept in mind:

A. The Nomination may be made by a Professional Member for all awards

B. Students members may nominate only for Student Awards

C. The Nomination must be full in all respects for it to be considered.

D. Multiple nominations for a single member will be considered as a single nomination.

E. The final Award decision will be made by the Awards Panel


A. Volunteer Awards

1. IEEE Kerala Section Outstanding Volunteer

2. IEEE Kerala Section – Best Volunteer – Young Professional

3. IEEE Kerala Section – Best Volunteer – WIE

4. IEEE Kerala Section – Best Volunteer – Humanitarian


B. Technical Awards

1. IEEE Kerala Section – Best Researcher

2. IEEE Kerala Section – Industry Contributions

C. IEEE Kerala Section Student Awards

1. IEEE Kerala Section – Best Student Branch

2. IEEE Kerala Section – Outstanding Branch Counsellor

3. IEEE Kerala Section – Outstanding Student Volunteer

4. IEEE Kerala Section – Best Student Volunteer – WIE

5. IEEE Kerala Section – Best Student Volunteer – Humanitarian


D. An award for an event and its organizers:

1. Best IEEE Event for 2017


E. The Public Awards Proposed this year are:

1. IEEE – KPP Nambiar Memorial Award 2017: To be given to an Individual or Group in Kerala who has contributed significantly to the IEEE vision of  “Advancing Technology for Humanity” through (1) Research and technology advancement (2) Popularizing the use of Technology (3) Applying Technology for the underserved. (Maybe IEEE member or Non-Member)

2. Friend(s) of IEEE Award: For a person or group that helped in popularising/supporting the IEEE. The nominations may be in the categories of Industry, Academia or Public Service (Government and NGO). (Must be a Non-Member)

3. Best Teacher Award: For the best teacher in STEM area in colleges in Kerala. (Maybe IEEE member or Non-Member)

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The deadline for nominations is 15th December 2017. The nominations may be done electronically using the Google form provided. For using the form, you will have to be logged into the IEEE Google account ( If you do not have an account, please start one or use the account of any IEEE colleague, who has an account. The Nomination can still be sent in your name.


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