Shastra Vismaya

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‘ShastraVismaya’, conducted on 20th December 2016 at Government U.P.S, Poojappura was a one of a kind endeavor, proudly initiated by IEEE Kerala Section jointly with the Department of Social Welfare, Government of Kerala. The programme, which was organized for school going children of 10 to 15 years of age, was envisaged to inculcate interest towards Science and Engineering and also to sow the seeds of interest in Engineering in the students of Government Shelter Homes. An entreprise commune of the IEEE Kerala Section WIE, SIGHT and Young Professionals, the zeal and zest of active volunteers of all these groups was as always, the heart and soul of the event.

Shastra Vismaya Featured Image
Shastra Vismaya

The day started at 9:30 am with the Inaugural Ceremony. After the welcome speech delivered by Ms. Parvathi Maya Thampi, Volunteer, IEEE YP, Mrs. Sobha Koshy officially inaugurated the event, after which she briefed the audience about the importance of child rights and child protection in the country. The inaugural address was followed by a briefing by Prof. V.K. Damodaran, Advisor, IEEE Kerala Young Professionals on the importance of science and also about the event and its purpose.

Then the core section of the day, the hands on sessions followed. The forenoon session, led by Mr. Ranjit R. Nair, Membership Development Chair, IEEE Kerala Section, gave the students an insight into the basics of windmill system, the concept of energy, methods to harness energy and the types of windmills. They also got an oppurtunity to listen to the maestro, Prof. V.K. Damodaran, who explained about the concept of energy and its transformation from one form to another. The effectiveness of any activity multiplies when it is confronted by a team, and hence the students were grouped into teams. They received kits that enabled them to construct miniature windmills of their own and test them, following the instructions of volunteers.

The lunch was followed by the preparations to create their next engineering marvel for students, the Morse Code. Catching ideas and acquiring the technical know-how’s from Mr. Ranjit who told the story of the evolution of communication systems, and understanding from volunteers about the use of components  and basics of circuit designing, the brilliant young brains started working together to come up with their own circuits for Morse Code in no time. They experienced their creations by communicating with each other using Morse Codes, which was followed by video presentations on Morse Code, Telegraph, Typewriters and Rotary dial phones, taking them through a journey from pigeons to twitter.

Students showcased their talents in arts as well, turned into the most energetic session of the day, with the fun poured in by the volunteers. Mrs. SaradaJayakrishnan, Secretary, IEEE Kerala Section presented the participants with kits as a token of appreciation from IEEE Kerala Section. Dr. Raji, Councilor, Boy’s Home thanked the IEEE Kerala Section, which filled the minds of volunteers with content, something that made every one realize what the real joy of volunteering was.